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We offer online Yoga & Personal Development Education Programs.

Programs are held virtually with group participation, and others are available online for self study.Create your account and orer your programs now!  Be sure to see our Instagram Page for current Promo Codes.

These programs are available for online, self paced study.

Programs are offered through our Online Yoga Education Platform: Virtual Prana.

Kids Yoga

Our 50-Hour Kids Yoga Teacher Certification Program will guide you in creating fun, safe, interactive children's yoga classes for Children ages 3 - 12.  >> read more

Yin Yoga

Our 30-Hour Yin Yoga TT will guide you through the Meridians & 5 Element Theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine, yin yoga anatomy, effective teaching skills, how to structure safe and creative yin yoga sequences and themes, incorporating asana, mediation, pranayama and mudras. >> read more

Yoga Nidra

This 30-Hour program teaches you how to guide Yoga Nidra classes. Yoga Nidra combines the power of biofeedback, visualization, meditation and energetic healing. The extensive healing and therapeutic impact of Yoga Nidra has been widely accepted by health professionals and has been adopted in many hospital settings and integrative medical services across North America.  How to market your Nidra classes is included. >> read more

Restorative Yoga

In this 30-Hour program you will learn the importance of restorative yoga and the impact it has on our entire being; The 7 Bodies Method™️ and how to integrate this connecting philosophy into your restorative yoga classes; Effective use of props, meditation & pranayama in your restorative yoga classes.  You will study our Restorative Yoga Posture Lab & Asana Guide; Sequencing & Themes & our powerful teaching techniques and feedback system anchored in western psychology.  >> read more

Prenatal Yoga

Learn how to teach mama's to be - a beautiful 40-Hour Program that covers everything from mama's emotional health, to labour and delivery techniques, prenatal anatomy, postpartum and of course yoga postures and sequencing! >> read more

Meditation Facilitator

In this 20-Hour Program you will learn our signature 7 Bodies Method from a meditation perspective; The science of meditation & Yoga Nidra; How to teach meditation and Yoga Nidra effectively ; How to connect and use your authentic voice; How to incorporate simple hasta mudras (hand positions) and pranayama (breathing practices) into your meditations; and how to market yourself as a Wellness Meditation and Yoga Nidra Facilitator.  >> read more


A Dive Into Personal Growth

February 11 - May 21, 2023 
Virtual, Online & In Costa Rica Option
This 4-Month Program is for anyone who is seeking lasting change, anyone who wants to create healthier relationships, grow their strengths and re-shape old pattnerns into new healthy patterns that will help you create a life you love to live.  Add on programs are available for Coach Certification & for
Certified Yoga Teachers. >> click here to view

Soar With Your Soul

Online Self Study
During this 10-Hour Program you will deepen the connection to your soul through our signature personal development method: The 7 Bodies, with journal prompts, question & 7 downloadable meditations.  Leave this program with a greater sense of well-being and clarity to create a life you love to live.   >> read more


Create Balance & Ease

Online Self Study
During this 10-Hour Program you will dive deep into all areas of life, including your relationships, self-image, career, fin
ances, physical, mental and emotional health and more!  You will discover your limits & your strengths, and learn how to create new patterns that will contribute to evoking more balance and ease into your whole life. Includes 21 Journal Prompts, and cognitive relation exercises.   >> read more

The Human Ego System

Online Self Study

During this 30-Hour Program, you will discover your limiting patterns, connect with your soul purpose, enhance every relationship in your life. This program includes the "Soar With Your Soul" and "Create Balance & Ease" programs, as well as 6 podcasts detailing additional effective & functional healing tools, an instructional cleaning breath video, 11 daily assignments, your introduction call with Hali Love and unlimited E support.  >> read more


Mantras For Mamas

A 30-Day guide for mamas and mamas-to-be to create more space in their life for ease, connect and love.  Includes daily self-love mantras and journal prompts.  >>read more 

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