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Be well.


We are happy to offer advice on choosing treatments best suited to your individual needs. Treatments may be combined to create unique wellness experiences; all can be enjoyed as a couple (pending therapist availability).

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Ayurveda Consultation

Learn the ancient healing system and sister science to yoga.

A 90 Minute Experience


  • A review your goals to discuss how Ayurveda will work for you.

  • Completion of your Ayurvedic Questionnaire

  • Your written balancing plan consisting of a curated practice of movement, breath work, meditation & aromatherapy that works for your Dosh (your Ayurvedic Body Type).

  • A Nutrition plan, implementing Ayurvedic cleansing methods, into our modern day nutrition. 

Future session will be provided at a discounted rate.  Also available over zoom.

$175 USD   

A 90 Minute Experience


  • A discussion on your Yoga Therapy Needs

  • A guided experience of a variety of tools that will bring more balance to your physical, mental, emotional and energetic bodies

  • Your Ayurveda Consutation; which includes your Dosha (Ayurvedic Body Type) Analysis & your Dosha Balancing Tools

  • A customized Asana (yoga postures), Pranayama (Breath-work) & Meditation Practice (recorded for future use)

  • A list of your recommended mind, body, heart, spirit & soul connecting practices; including how to's, contraindications, & suggested time commitment  

  • Your curated 7 Bodies Method ™️ Program that will provide you with a plethora of emotional healing tools and cognitive re-patterning tools

Future session will be provided at a discounted rate.  Also available over zoom.


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Yoga Therapy

The Ultimate Balancing Session.

thai massage at playa negra yoga

Thai Massage

A 60 Minute Experience


  • Our certified Thai Yoga Massage Therapist will guide you through a blissful experience to release physical, emotional and energetic tension.



A 60 Minute Experience curated to release deeply held physical tension.  This treatment is available for couples.  Enjoy this treatment in our studio with AC, music, bug free!

$80 Per Person

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Therapeutic Massage

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Reiki & Chakra Balancing


A 60-minute experience.

During this treatment your practitioner will use hot stone therapy, crystals, sage, essential oils and sound to clear your energy & re-balance your chakras, leaving you feeling grounded & peaceful.


$90 USD 


A 60 Minute Experience

Join our certified counsellor & holistic life coach for a 1 hour dive into you!  Learn tools that will help you create a life you love to live. This can also include past life regression therapy, emotional healing and cognitive re-patterning. Session can be recorded for future reference.  Future session will be provided at a discounted rate.  Also available over zoom.



$190 USD 

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Counselling & Life Coaching

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Custom Yoga Nidra & Meditation


A 90 Minute Experience

After a meeting with one of our Internationally Registered Yoga Teachers, discussing your healing and/or growth needs, your Custom Yoga Nidra script will be created and delivered to you, while you relax into your propped up savasana.  This will be recorded for you for future use.  You will close your Yoga Nidra with a custom meditaiton that will leave you feeling rested, grounded, connected & stress free.

Also available over zoom.

$90 USD 

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