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A Grateful Heart

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Amazing experience!! I spent just over a week in Los Pargos. The studio was so warm and friendly; the teachers were so welcoming, accepting, and helpful. I have signed up for the 200hr Yoga teacher training and also the Personal Development course. So excited to be part of the Playa Negra Yoga community. ❤️ Jana Brown

Love this yoga studio ! Hali teaches an incredible vinyasa class. Not only was it a great work out but she brings a nice calm and mindfulness energy to her practice. And I love that she takes the time to walk around the room to make adjustments to prevent injury. I also love Carol’s barre class. For sure a calorie burner it’s a few minutes walk to the beach. Great to take a dip in the ocean after a good sweat. Annie Gangle

I absolutely LOVE Hali's yoga classes at Playa Negra Yoga. Hali is an incredible teacher and her classes are so well balanced -- challenging, thoughtful, and the perfect pace. Hali brings such a wonderful energy to her classes and I really enjoyed my time with her. The yoga studio is a sweet light-filled space close to the beach in Playa Negra. Highly recommend! Tara Hilliard

Playa Negra Yoga has amazing yoga and multi barre classes ! There are many great teachers to choose from . They all really understand bodies and health conditions to ensure you are safe during your practice . Best studio around!  Jesslyn Gorrie


I LOVE Playa Negra yoga, Hali and ALL the beautiful teachers🙏❤️whenever I’m in Playa Negra, I make a point to hit her Batre class. It beats ANYTHING I’ve done in NYC!! I love the yoga classes as well-all levels and styles. Stephanie Rapaport 

Working with Hali, the Founder of Playa Negra Yoga is life changing. Her spirit, enthusiasm, passion and dedication with all the right boundaries is inspiring. I am doing a Personal Development program with Hali and have also participated in retreats. The PD program is perfect for my busy schedule as I can adapt how I see fit. I don't feel pressured or overwhelmed because I did not manage to get through it however it does keep you accountable and motivates you to keep moving forward which I love. The retreat in Playa Negra, well it is being in a little piece of heaven. I really enjoyed it and learnt a lot. Grateful for the connection with Hali <3 and recommend to everyone regardless where you are at in life. Rachel Kershaw

Playa Negra Yoga is truly amazing! I am so grateful for Hali, this yoga studio and the community that gathers here. I have had many amazing experiences not only different types of yoga classes but also with full moon ceremonies and chanting. I highly recommend Playa Negra yoga, you will not be disappointed. Jennifer Guinaldo 

This place is so special. I first stumbled upon this studio on a solo trip to Costa Rica and it changed my life. Hali is an amazing human and teacher. She’s incredibly knowledgeable yet leads from a place of intuition. She teaches for her students not herself, meets you where you’re at and inspires you to step into your power. I can not recommend spending time in this magical space enough. Her studio offers a wide range of classes and I love how they incorporate mediation, philosophy, and pranayama into many of their offerings. The classes empower you to understand yourself at all levels of your being and each class I walk away with an insight about myself. I’ve taken multiple yoga teacher trainings and Hali’s is by far the best I’ve come across. The material is so comprehensive and is rooted in the true foundation of yoga philosophy. She not only covers asana, but ensures you have a strong understanding of all elements of yoga. I also appreciate how integrated Ayurveda is in her trainings as the two sciences were always meant to be taught together. Hali’s professional development program is transformational. I love how it is a blend of self study and live meet ups so you can work through it at your own pace. The material is quite comprehensive and blends western and eastern modalities to provide you so many tools to learn about yourself. Hali has changed my life and I can’t recommend working with her enough! Bre Blaney 

I took the multi barre training a few years ago and I can not recommend Hali enough! It was such an amazing experience I am currently taking her advanced yoga teacher training. The curriculum is in depth and paced in alignment with each individual student. It’s a truly empowering experience. Hannah Sapsis

After teaching for many years, I advanced my training with Hali's YTT and it was invaluable. My teaching changed in small and BIG ways after completing the training and so much of that was through the personal development and growth that was woven throughout the training. Hali's depth and breadth of knowledge and authentic, warm spirit took my teaching to a new level. I will always be grateful for Hali!  Erin Sampson

I just returned from a yoga retreat that was both beautiful and transformative. Hali brings a community together to offer healing, relaxation, growth and exploration. Yoga, meditation, and so many techniques were generously shared in a safe and empowering space. Now more than ever women need to rejuvenate and restore - this is the place to do just that. I have never felt better and can't wait to go back for Hali's next great venture.  Mary Jose Rose


I am currently enrolled in Hali’s personal development program AND her 500 hr YTT course via zoom from Canada. Hali’s well thought out program material, relaxed/zero stress approach and reliable support makes it easy to stay on track and feel empowered. She is a wealth of knowledge and experience, but yet stays so humble and is a complete joy to learn from. She makes every single person feel so special, connected and important. I can’t wait to join her and the other teachers at Playa Negra in person in March! So grateful! Sarah Ham

Simply the best!!  I have attended Hali's YTT and retreats and they changed my life. She is so knowledgable about all things yoga and extremely intuitive with regards to her students healing. Cannot recommend her and her programs enough!  Julia Ambrose

I am currently attending Hali's 500- hour professional yoga teacher training, as well as completing her Personal Development Course & I cannot recommend her programs enough! The experience has been truly life changing & I still have several months to go :)  Hali delivers a perfectly paced curriculum that both empowers & inspires her students. What sets the programs at Playa Negra Yoga apart is their ability to nurture personal growth & breed confidence without the addition of overwhelm. I am so grateful to have found such a beautiful community to complete my trainings with & highly recommend Hali's programs to all! Callie Frazier

After 2 years of practicing Multi Barre, I took the online teacher training course from Hali Love. This comprehensive program not only equipped me with a profound understanding of the subject matter but also offered a plethora of resources that contributed to my success. One of the most commendable aspects of this online course was the flexibility it provided. The well-structured curriculum and user-friendly interface allowed me to progress at my own pace, accommodating my busy schedule and ensuring a positive learning experience. The modular design of the course allowed me to revisit challenging concepts and delve deeper into areas where I felt the need for additional practice, reinforcing my understanding and confidence in the material. Upon completion of the course, the certification I received validated my newfound expertise and opened doors to lucrative opportunities in the field. I am now able to monetize my skills doing something I am genuinely passionate about. Thank you, Hali!  Andrea Ellis

If you’re looking for yoga this is the place to go. She is very welcoming and super professional. The studio is clean and comfortable. She offers a variety of classes and she’s very encouraging. The Teacher Training courses are amazing as well. They’re thorough and inspiring as well as educational. People come from all over the world to learn from Hali and I know why, she’s the best!  Krysta Depp


I took 2-3 yoga classes per week for over a month with Hali when staying in the Playa Negra area and loved every class. I really enjoyed her perfectly paced tempo which gave me enough time to take in deep full breaths without feeling rushed. Also, as an avid surfer, her classes really helped with my tight hips and lower back. Your mind, body, and spirit will be in good hands at the Playa Negra Yoga studio. Eric Hilliard

This is a great place to catch a yoga class before or after you hit the beach. Hali and the other instructors are very professional and accommodating. You should definitely book ahead to guarantee a spot. Also, they have retreat packages that allow you to expand your practice while also enjoying the surroundings of Playa Negra for a longer stay. Would definitely recommend this yoga hidden gem. Stefano Formica

I love this studio SO MUCH! I am in Hali (the owner's) Yoga Teacher training and got to come stay for a week in Playa Negra Costa Rica in one of the casitas behind the studio. The yoga classes were perfect and always exactly what I needed. The studio itself is beautiful, so much light and brightness. Hali and the other teachers are beautiful teachers and hold amazing space for their students. I would recommend this studio and the yoga teacher training to anyone and everyone no matter what level of yoga you are at. It's an awesome community and you can go to the beach after class (10 min walk) or grab a coffee and build connections. Cannot say enough good things.  Ellie Rome



I’ve had some of my best yoga experiences at this studio! Hali is an incredible teacher who creates beautifully balanced classes. She offers a variety of yoga and barre classes. Highly recommended!  Lisa Pitura

I found myself on a journey of a lifetime at Playa Negra Yoga. Outstanding customer service from the very attentive staff and the owner Hali Love. Nothing was left unattended to , and I felt safe and supported during my entire stay, even though I was traveling alone. The food was fresh and delicious. The accommodations were nice and everything was well thought out and well designed. The yoga classes were out of this world. Hali and her team are VERY knowledgeable and so much fun. I can’t wait to get back for the next retreat ! I couldn’t imagine a better spot to spend time in Costa Rica.  Cindy Reason 


An Oasis of peace and postures in a fantastic yoga community. Hali Love is an absolute gem. She holds space for everyone, wherever they are on their yoga journey.  Christi Lalande

Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality. We worked with Hali our entire two week stay. We did Barre, active stretching, yoga. Amazing classes. I would highly recommend Playa Negra Yoga Center.   Stephanie DiTullio

Playa Negra Yoga recharged my batteries - and I had a blast! Conveniently located within a walking distance to the beach, I attended morning and evening classes while taking the sun, sea, sand, and serene in between.  The Instructors were warm and approachable, attentive to different levels of retreat participants or regular walk-ins. I particularly enjoyed the aerial yoga with Flavia, who was very patient and helped me to build a relationship with the silks while building my strength to be able to enjoy some flips and turns :-) If you’re looking for a calm place to connect to nature and more importantly to yourself, Playa Negra Yoga is a place to go and enjoy!  Lenka B.

What a beautiful studio located in such an unsuspecting place. The teachers are amazing Hali the owner is amazing! You can really feel that she has studied the scriptures and has so much to share! Love this space! ​Sarah Robinson


How often do you meet one of those rare individuals that puts you at ease not only with them but with yourself with just a few words, a generous smile, and their tranquil demeanour. I am no yogi. In fact, I consider myself a neophyte, a beginner. However, what I just described above is the absolute truth. Hali is human. Hali is much more than just an inspiring teacher. Her personal approach to each student is one that truly enables each of us to reach our individual goals and then to supersede them through her caring and generous nature. Playa Negra Yoga is certainly, and without a doubt, one of those rare opportunities to treat yourself to health and happiness.When in Playa Negra, take a moment and indulge in treating yourself with a visit to this great shala. I highly recommend it.   Larry Graziano

My Canadian yoga studio hosted our first yoga retreat at Playa Negra Yoga and Barre and it was amazing! The studio is beautiful. The proximity to the beach is perfect. The food at the cafe is incredible and the hospitality shown by our host Hali Love was above and beyond. I was able to attend a few classes with the Playa Negra Yoga teachers and the level of expertise is nothing short of world class. If you are looking for a great vacation, a retreat or a yoga teacher training in a beautiful location this place is a MUST!   Pam Rader

I go to the Playa Negra Yoga + Barre studio every time I’m around and I love it! The yoga teachers are so great, they make me feel really calm, connected and safe. And the Barre classes... wow! They will change your life... and your whole body! Strongly recommend ❤️ ​Cindy Couture ™ [ORIGINAL]

I've found a new home in Playa Negra Yoga + Barre thanks to the wonderful Hali Love! Since relocating to the area, I've completed 3 (so far!) trainings with Playa Negra Yoga + Barre and have felt so grateful for each experience. Hali and her team are extremely dedicated to community and continuing education/encouraging learning on all levels; whether hosting trainings, retreats, or regular classes, Hali possesses the gift to deliver exactly what her students need. If you're considering a training, retreat, or in the area and looking for yoga classes, definitely check out this spot!  ​Joanne Highland


Playa Negra Yoga is a tranquil oasis in a very special sleepy little town on the upper Pacific Coast. I have been visiting for solo retreats and education, as well as hosting group retreats for the past 3 years. The owners treat you like family, always making sure you are taken care of in every way possible. The accommodation is always clean and comfortable, The cleaning ladies are wonderful and take so much pride in what they do. Same goes for the staff at the Cafe. They serve fresh, colourful, organic meals that are incomparable. Everything runs timely and that really makes a difference when you are working with large groups. The studio has AC, and the beach, well it’s next to none. Major transformation and healing takes place on the shores of Playa Negra. I am so grateful I found this gem and will continue to return to Playa Negra Yoga Retreat with my family, friends and clients for years to come. Thank you Hali and Carlos for all that you provide xx   Kate Todd

Hali Love's Yoga Teacher Training was incredible and changed my life forever. I really loved the location, food, teachers, and overall the commitment I made to myself to become a better person and certified yoga teacher. I would recommend this training to anyone serious about becoming their best self ever!  ​Richard Tiland

What a great retreat and training! Hali Love is excellent at knowing just what's needed for each group or person that steps into the space she has created. Playa Negra Yoga + Barre not only offers great retreats and training but offers up lots of great classes taught by lovely instructors that really seem to have a read for what you need. They even offer donation classes in support of a local Dog charity! Check it out!  ​Shevonne Brodeur

Playa Negra Yoga Retreat is one of those rare gems that you find in this world - an authentic oasis if you will. Where you can show up just as you are and find exactly what you need. Whether you feel the calling for, slow walks to the beach, gentle yoga, followed by candlelit YIN with some Meditations sprinkled throughout or Power Yoga, Surfing, SUP or Multi Barre Class, and Running on the beach you will find it all here. Nourishing meals, massages, cozy accommodation options and fierce leaders with years and years of knowledge and passion are just some of the reasons I come back to Playa Negra retreat year after year.  Lisa Irving

Playa Negra Yoga Retreat is a little piece of heaven! I am preparing to take a group of women here for my 3rd Annual Yoga Retreat! Love, love, love this place and the community of amazing people who have created it!  Karen Snodgrass

A peaceful and gentle energy has been generously cultivated by Hali and her team in this calming and beautiful space - the perfect place to find your breath and work on yourself!  Jordan Lazaruk

I'm a yoga lover and the best decision ever that I have taken in my way is the 200 h. YTT with Hali Love. She is really supportive with much of wisdom. She welcomes all questions and meets all of your yoga needs.  If it is you first time, you going to love it and if your are already a teacher you going to grow.  Maria Jose 

The most healing, organized, and welcoming center.  Cloe Velarde

Super clean, beautiful lighting and strong teachers. I love this studio :). Catherine Daniella

Best Retreat Ever ! Gracias Hali Namaste. Inti Pacific Rentals

No matter what style of yoga you like, here you will find a new way to connect with yoga, meditation and chanting.In the center of town and with several options every day, Playa Negra Yoga is the most beautiful space to start or finish your day.  Patricia Sterman

(Translated by Google) The best place to practice and learn Yoga, Multi Barre, and enjoy the best retreats with its incredible Host Hali.  My personal experience has been wonderful and of great benefit to my profession (physiotherapist) since what I have learned I put into practice with my patients.  Dra. Tatiana Solera

Excellent teacher training !!! Better than expected ❤️ Everyone should have the opportunity to do a yoga retreat. Great teaching methodology, great professionals, unique experience. Pure life & Namaste 🙏🏻. Flavia Lobo


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