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Imagine waking up to the sound of monkeys and birds..rolling out of your comfortable bed for a glass of fresh lime water..

..after pouring your cup of organic costa rican coffee (or organic tea) begin your short walk to the beautiful beach of Playa Negra...

On your way you look up and see the blue sky and bright green close your eyes for a moment and feel the warm sun kissing your skin...moments later, you arrive to the take off your flip flops and feel the cool morning sand squish between your toes...

You walk down the beach where you sit. You see the beautiful waves gently crash on the shore, and you also see many shades of blue as you expand your vision to the horizon, where the ocean meets the sky... You take a deep breath in,  and a long sigh out.

You have arrived to Playa Negra. 

PNY Group Booking Perks:

  • Marketing Assistance

  • Organic Raw Food & Juice Catering Option

  • Spiritual Gangster Pop Up Shop Option

  • Safe, clean accommodations with wifi and AC

  • Access to beautiful studio with AC and onsite pool

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