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Core Values

We are committed to you.



You will be fully supported as your embark on your journey at PNYC, whether you are attending an online program, yoga teacher training, or personal healing retreat.  Our definition of support includes respect and equality.   At PNYC, we sit at a round table.  All beings are viewed as equal; there is no "better than", and there is no "guru". When you attend PNYC you are welcomed open heartedly to our community; you will be seen, you will be heard, and you will be spoken to and supported from a place of compassion and love.



Empowerment is not only one of our core values, but also our mission.  We aim to empower each and every student that comes through our door (or enters our zoom room) to receive exactly what they came to get.  For some that may be a hug or warm smile, for others a sweaty power yoga class with some advanced postures, for others a kind and loving assist to deepen their yoga practice, for some it may be a mind-blowing well themed and strategically taught asana or meditation class.  For whatever the reason you come to PNY, you are guaranteed to get high quality classes and trainings offered by our experienced and aligned team of yoga  & fitness experts. 



Each one of our team members, from our teachers, to our corporate staff, to our ambassadors, to those we choose to lend our studio space to are aligned with integrity.  To us, integrity means to walk the talk you choose to speak.  We believe yoga is beyond a practice, it is a lifestyle; one that has a primary principle of non-harm (Ahimsa).  We call ourselves yogis (and yoginis), therefore we are committed to align all of our actions to non-harm; equating to kindness and compassion for all sentient beings. Furthermore, we define integrity as truthfulness (or in yoga lingo - Satya, which is the second principle of yoga).  We aim to be truthful in our thoughts, actions, program promises and within our commitment to stay aligned to our core values. 





Community is our terminal core value, in which all of our core values, our mission and our manifesto are born from.  Community to us means inclusivity, and equality. It means that every sentient being; from humans, to animals to insects, that enters into our space will be treated with the utmost respect (we even usher out the odd ant that comes into our space).  We are committed to growing and supporting both our local and global community. Currently a portion of all proceeds, including earnings from our classes, merchandise sales and instructor training tuitions are donated to our local animal charity: Hope4StreetDogs, and our global foundation: Fierce Calm, our of the uk.  We truly believe that we are better together. One love.



We beleive that not anyone is better than anyone else. We beleive in quality. In support. In seeing eachother for our special gifts we have to offer the world, through eyes of compassion and with hearts full of love.


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