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Prenatal YTT (40 hours)

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We value human connection. Despite our online program being available at any time, you will receive a personalized experience with your appointed Training Facilitator, who will arrange your program introduction call and be available for E support and also to lovingly guide you through your certification requirements. You will learn: Effective teaching techniques and verbal cues for mama’s to be. The Expecting Mama’s Body: Anatomy and physiological changes, common discomforts of pregnancy, posture modifications, and which postures to avoid. How to support your students in creating healthy relationships with themselves, their partner and their baby. This session includes emotional healing tips to offer to your expecting mamas. Sequencing for each trimester of the pregnancy and structuring a prenatal yoga class. Tools and techniques for mamas to be to have an empowered labor. How to relate to what an expecting mother is experiencing both emotionally and physically. How to incorporate yoga philosophy into prenatal yoga, and how it can contribute to healthy and balanced relationships. Birthing trends, techniques and options. Pregnancy conditions and how to support them through yoga. Some nutritional advice to offer expecting mamas. Meditation, pranayama and vocal toning techniques, designed for your expecting moms. Prenatal Partner Yoga. Postpartum: What it is, the changes, and postpartum depression. You will also learn ideas on timing, postures and PD

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