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Meditation Facilitator Training (20 hours)

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Become A Wellness Meditation & Yoga Nidra Facilitator | 20 Hour Program. Currently an on-line program, where you will be appointed your lead faciltiator, who will guide you through your program with an introductory call, your certification requirements, feedback and provide you with unlimited E support. ​ About Wellness Meditation & Yoga Nidra Meditation brings a plethora of scientifically proven benefits to the practitioners life and health. This program will teach you simple meditation techniques that you can use to enhance your life and spread the many benefits to others. There are a vast variety of meditation techniques. This training is in what we call: Non-denominational Meditation - meaning it will deepen any defined spiritual connection or faith; rather than interfere with conflicting philosophies. This training is anchored in The 7 Bodies Method, a curated healing modality created by Hali Love. During this training you will learn over 25 meditation scripts, including both a regular and advanced Yoga Nidra Script. This program is for ANYONE!

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